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Physiotherapy center in Jávea – Denia

Before your visit, please remember to consult the recommendations for COVID-19 prevention. More info: here. We offer a personal service at the clinic or online consultation online consultation.

The International Institute of Physiotherapy (Fisio Jávea) consists of a team of very motivated experts in Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) that would like to help you to regain health and wellness in an effective and lasting way. Get back the joy of your daily activities.

Physiotherapy Center in Jávea - Denia


Sports, neurological, pediatric, respiratory, pregnancy rehabilitation and home care.



Structural, visceral, cranial. Restore the balance of the organism with the latest, most advanced techniques.

PNI - Psychoneuroimmunology


Neurology, psychology, immunology, nutrition. Comprehensive approach focused on the causes of the problem.

Location and contact

The International Institute of Physiotherapy (Fisio Jávea) is located in a tranquil environment in the beautiful countryside of Jesús Pobre, next to the Montgó National Park, a 10 minute drive from Jávea and la Xara, and 15 mins from Denia. You will find us following the CV-735 road (Javea –Denia), 5.3 km.left turn from Javea and 1,5 km right turn from the Jesús Pobre crossroad.

Partida L’Alquería Colomer, 2, CP 03749
Jesús Pobre (Denia – Jávea) | Alicante

Phone | WhatsApp
965 974 034 – 665 689 298



Opening hours:
Mon, Wed: 09:00 – 15:00 | Tue, Thu, Fri: 09:00 – 19:30

Why choosing Fisio Jávea?

More than physiotherapy

As experts in physiotherapy and osteopathy, we wanted to incorporate the psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) to our treatments, a specialty through which we have amplified the horizons in the field of regenerative medicine.

In this way, we do not just focus on the musculoskeletal system (the base of physiotherapy) or the links between the different organic systems (osteopathy), aspects that are very fundamental for the health and wellbeing of any person. But also with the knowledge of the psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), we are able to include the immune system, psychology, neurology, endocrine system, nutrition and even social aspects in our medical approach.

By means of this integral approach we don’t just want to achieve the elimination of the symptoms, but intend to get to the root and cause of the problem, in order to resolve -or improve – in a more effective and lasting way.

30 years of experience

We are a team of very motivated, highly qualified professionals, who have been treating people of all ages (children, adults and seniors) for more than 30 years. Aiming for recovery and/or maintenance of their health and well-being.

We are specialized in helping athletes of all levels to overcome sport injuries, prevent them and to improve their sports practice (performance and resilience).

We offer treatment and coaching for patients with pain (elimination or managing), discomfort and physical problems that troubles their daily lives, work or during the activities that they participate in and enjoy.

We are able to help people with various conditions (arthritis, tendinitis, neuralgia, circulatory dysfunctions, certain skin lesions, etc.) to understand its origin, recover or improve as much as possible.

For many years we have been rehabilitating and improving the lives (styles) of patients with neurological pathology, pregnancy problems, elderly people with mobility problems, children with scoliosis or different developmental problems, people with injuries, postoperative patients, fall prevention etc.

And we would be very pleased to help you too

Scientific knowledge

Science is at the core of our work. We will help you understand and explain the mechanism of your health problem, giving you a clear picture on what the issue is and discuss with you the best treatment option(s).

We will motivate and engage you to create awareness of the importance of understanding what causes or favors the onset of a disease or injury, It’s development and the procedure to reverse or avoid that problem. That is why we see the importance of dedicating our time to explain all the necessary clinically relevant aspects.

Modern updated treatments

Medical research continues to progress. New treatments are appearing and existing techniques are being improved.

In our physiotherapy center in Javea – Denia we guarantee a constant update of our knowledge, this is combined with a large amount of experience in regenerative medicine in order to offer the best possible treatment for each specific case.

Get stronger after your injury

Although it seems ambitious, our goal is to get you in a better physical condition than before the injury and to reduce the risk of relapse as much as possible.

In other words, we are totally committed to restore function as well as induce prevention.

The best environment to relax

The center is located in the beautiful countryside of Jesus Pobre (we are next to the Montgó National Park) this and the friendly, professional treatment that we offer, ensures that we have the pleasure of welcoming back new and old patients from local and surrounding areas, as well as worldwide year on year.

We are able to attend our patients in 6 languages: German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Valencian and French.

We can exercise both inside and outside our facilities to take full advantage of a privileged natural environment that helps to balance mind and body.

You could start your recovery right now

We would like to design the treatment plan together so it will be specifically tailored to your needs.

We will provide you the necessary tools to recover and maintain your health.

We would like to be considered as a temporary help, as much as possible. We teach you how to maintain health and wellness.

We will try to reach previously determined treatment goals (pain relief, restore function etc.)

within a minimal amount of treatment sessions. 

Don’t give up doing the things you love.

The international Institute of Physiotherapy (Fisio Jávea) consists of dedicated professionals offering bespoke, highly personalized, with the very latest treatments alongside a well thought out therapy plan that is designed together with the patient.

It is essential to take into account the context of each person (their favorite activities, hobby’s, social environment, lifestyle, work, etc.) when designing treatments. By doing this we will find the best form of motivation to achieve the highest possible results.

Our goal is that each patient can continue to enjoy an active life and in the case of having any limitation, find the right adaptation(s) so that they can continue to perform their activities and enjoy life.

Achieve new goals

You may not have any specific pain or health issues, but may have set a new goal that requires an increase of your current fitness level or preparation.

If you are an athlete, you might be challenged for example to participate in a more demanding competition or to expand the sport(s) you do. You could also be an older person wanting to regain strength and flexibility. Allowing you to maximize your physical strength and abilities and enjoy time spent with grandchildren.

Our team of Fisio Javea we will prepare you and introduce progression in a safe way and minimize the risk of injuries.

Aging successfully

As time goes by we cannot prevent senescent or aging, but we can help you to reach and maintain the best possible state of health and quality of life during this process.


After having surgery on the cruciate ligament of my left knee, I went to Fisio Jávea, where they not only helped me to rehabilitate, but also guided me until I was able to play soccer again with the confidence I had before the injury.

Arturo López

My father suffered a stroke when he was 72 years old, he moved very little and didn’t feel like doing anything. With the help of treatment at the International Physiotherapy Institute, he has regained much of his mobility and is doing his daily activities.

Raquel Ramos

Every year I reserve two weeks of my vacation to travel from Madrid to Denia and have treatment in Fisio Javea for all the discomfort that I have been accumulating during the year due to my stressful job.

César López

I went to many places for different joint pains, but they always seemed to come back. At the International Physical Therapy Institute I understood why these discomforts occurred and they helped me to reduce relapses significantly.

Lucía Losada

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